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Marquette Kayak Rentals

Marquette County is full of inland lakes perfect for kayaking.

Our goal is to provide all the gear, guidance, and logistics to help you enjoy them!

How it Works

  1. Choose a Lake or RiverUse our guide below
  2. Book your rentals online – or contact us if you wish to rent right away.
  3. Meet us at your chosen lake or river.
  4. We will take care of the rest!
    • Kayak delivery, unloading, and pick-up.
    • Life jackets, safety gear, instructions, and trip guidance
    • Accessories: Dry bags, maps, bug nets, bug repellent, fishing gear, cooler. – all at no extra cost

Kayak Rental Rates

Adult kayak

TandeM kayak

5 Locations to choose from

PADDLE ALL DAY or JUST for 1 hour

Fishing gear available

Location Guide

Chocolay River

One of our favorites, the Chocolay River features a slow current and many spots to stop and hang out. This river flows through the woods and ends at the beach on Lake Superior. This trip is perfect for groups both large and small and can be done in as quickly as 2 hours although we recommend taking a half day trip so you can take your time and enjoy the sights. This river is also great for fishing!

Teal Lake

Just blocks away from downtown Negaunee, Teal lake is a popular fishing lake for pike but is also great for swimming. Start your paddle from the newly built beach and paddle along the north side of the lake where there are many hiking trails, picnic spots, and a “cliffs” to jump into the water from.

Tourist Park Basin

The Tourist Park Basin is a part of the Dead River and can be accessed via Marquette’s Tourist Park Campground. This lake features several great picnic spots, easy access to surrounding hiking trails, and close proximity to the City of Marquette. Paddle to the west end of the lake to reach the Dead River and explore it’s winding waters, islands, and a few rapids. The rapids are coming from above so there is no danger in entering them as you would have to paddle up the rapids (which would be very difficult).


Greenwood Resevour

One of our favorites, the Greenwood Reservoir is located 30 minutes out of Marquette (15 from Ishpeming), but is definitely worth the drive. This lake has countless islands and peninsulas and is completely surrounded by woods with only a few camps (cabins for you non-yoopers). The Greenwood is great for swimming, fishing, hiking, and picnicking on the island of your choice.
Like most U.P lakes, there are pike, perch, bass, walleye, and trout in this lake.


One of our favorite locations, the McClure Basin is a small lake surrounded by woods and sparsely placed camps (cottages for you non-yoopers). Just downstream from the Dead River Basin and 20 minutes from the city of Marquette, the McClure is a great, quiet alternative to the larger lake and features great fishing, a river to paddle, an old suspension bridge, and wonderful fall color views.

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